Actually, I’m really looking forward to Autumn 


That’s understandable, but you can talk to me whenever. You know that, right?


Yes, it was different. It was different that once, but I’m not Lea. So it won’t happen again.

Course. We should hang out soon.

You alright?

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I need some drinks 


I was unaware that Seb and Natasha were back together. I guess I’ve been in my own little bubble. I feel terrible now. That’s really gross, Lucas.


I hope Natasha’s alright. Are you?

It’s what Tash said. You can’t help everyone all the time do you realise that?

No. I don’t think so. But I’ll get over it. It’s what people do

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Anonymous said:  What do you dislike about Roxy?

Her hair gets in the way when I’m trying to hug her

Anonymous said:  what do you dislike about Joe?

The word sly’s written all over him And so was dickhead when me and nels got in his place hah

Anonymous said:  what do you like about faye?

She reminds me of a quieter Lea. She cares a lot I guess? Even when I don’t want her to?

Anonymous said:  what do you like about mila?

Her name’s cute I guess

Anonymous said:  what do you like about ally

She’s always happy. I dunno how anyone can be like that


I need some drink 


No it seems like only bad news travels fast, not good news. And why should I just magically know that you like me? Ya should have told me yourself.


This is just shit. Can we not talk about it! I’m trying to let you go. I shouldn’t have said anything

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Sorry for not being at the party folks 


Right. Shit. No, I totally agree, it’s um, it’s somthin’ bigger than jus’ sex even if tha’s what it was at the time. Finn’s in the middle of it?


Lea told Finn then Finn told Natasha to talk to Lea, or so I heard. Now we’re supposed to blame him but I’m not angry him. Oh I don’t know, this is why I need that alcohol

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Tha’s… nice. 


Maybe wait until I can move without ‘urtin’? I’m sure if ya’ve waited this long, a little bit more won’t ‘urt ya.

Sure thing